Together, Let’s Transform the Turbulent Circumstances of Life into Deep Reservoirs of Peace, Love and Gratitude for Ourselves, Our Families and the Planet!

Join Us for a Special 42 Day Community Wave

We Begin on Thursday, Sept 21st:
The International Day of Peace and World Gratitude Day

"Life is Art. May Love be at the heART of all choices."

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This Series offers daily moments of grace space to weave our days with inspiration from whatever comes our way . . .

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Why Love with a Grateful Heart?

Notice, even hurricanes have the Gratitude Symbol
built into its very structure . . . gratitude-symbol-sm3

Life can be messy sometimes . . . like a hurricane.

It can be unpredictable, chaotic and even dangerous.

Yet, unlike the destructive force of a hurricane, Loving with a Grateful heart brings a higher order and creative power to whatever it touches.

Fortunately, it has the opposite effect of a hurricane because . . .

It Activates A Powerful Energy Field - Bringing Order Out of Chaos

In the space of Loving with a Grateful Heart, we radiate a powerfully coherent, high-frequency energy field that super-charges our body, mind and spirit.

This field radiates outward, touching, and divinely elevating everyone and everything in its wake.

It is within this vortex of Source-force energy . . . that our outer world begins to align with and reflect a higher order.

That which no longer serves our highest good loses its grip on our lives and naturally dissolves.

And we find ourselves able . . . more and more . . . to intentionally make a difference in our surroundings, even when all around is swirling.

Love and Gratitude Water Crystal
By Dr. Masaru Emoto

What Is "Love with a Grateful Heart?"

It's an experience. . . A philosophy . . . A mantra . . . A practice . . . A vibe . . . A guide . . . And an experiment in actualizing our highest expression. . .
in super simple ways that make a tangible difference in our moment-to-moment living, loving and appreciation of Life.

Here's What You'll Receive

  • 42 Inspiring Daily Messages

    Each day, you’ll receive an email in your inbox for 42 days.

    HeART-fully designed to inspire, guide and catalyze action, these soul-sparking messages act as a cosmic nudge to feel amazing, awaken our super-powers and actualize our highest expression.

  • Private Heart-Based Community

    You’ll also have access to a private, on-line community to share the journey, celebrate successes, get and give support and leverage group wisdom.

    This is a Come-Unity celebration in actualizing our highest expression – on the inside and the outside – and we’re growing forward as One Heart United!

Accompany Us Into the Heart of Grateful Loving!
42 Super Simple Ways to Transcend Chaos with Love and Gratitude

"Living in conscious alignment with these emotional states creates security, rejuvenation and creativity which allows the human body to take on a state of health, wellness, ecstasy and bliss."
~ Spiritus Sanctus ~